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Asparagus - Mary Washington

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Asparagus - Mary Washington

Asparagus Officinalis

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that need only be sown once! This hardy variety can last up to 20 years and produces large and delicious heads. Seeds will take between 2 and 3 years before maturing to crowns (roots).
Sow 1cm deep; Germination period between 2 to 8 weeks; Soil temperatures between 16˚C and 30˚C; Transplant at 10 to 12 weeks; Plant spacing at 20 to 40cm; Harvest time approx. 2-3 years.

Best grown in well draining fertile soil. Add aged manure or compost before planting. Yields are best in full-sun beds, however asparagus will tolerate part-shade.

Seed quantity - 75