Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Seeds for the Backyard Gardener

Beetroot - Chioggia


Beetroot - Chioggia

Beta vulgaris

A wondrous deep red beetroot with internal pink and white concentric rings. Almost stranger than fiction, this heirloom beetroot looks incredible but also tastes rich and sweet. Excellent for salads and cooked.

Sow 2cm deep; Space 20 - 30 cm apart; Germination period between 10-14 days; Soil temperatures between 7˚C and 25˚C; Harvest time approx. 8-10 weeks.

Beetroot seeds are a seed cluster and thinning of seedlings is required. Seedlings require plenty of moisture. Beetroot tolerates most types of soil. Best results are gained with light, sandy soil in a sunny position.

Seed quantity - 60