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Broad Bean - Yarra Green


Broad Bean – Yarra Green

This is a special and limited offer. Yarra Green is a green-seeded broad bean variety hand selected over 35 years in the Yarra Valley. It is derived from the Green Windsor and we are lucky to offer the variety this year. A hardy, prolific broad bean with excellent flavour and tender beans. It is easy to grow and can be planted from autumn to spring. 

Sow 5-10cm deep; Plant spacing at 15-20cm; Rows at 70cm apart; Germination period 10-14 days; Soil temperatures between 6˚C and 24˚C; Harvest time approx. 12-22 weeks.

Broad beans are best sown directly into the garden bed. Water seeds after sowing and then not until germination to prevent the seeds from rotting. Broad beans grow to 0.5-1.7m tall and are need support with posts and string. Pick frequently to encourage more pods. Germination rates are slower in cooler weather. Pick out tops once beans are setting to prevent blackfly.

Seed quantity - 20