Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Seeds for the Backyard Gardener

Carrot - Purple Dragon


Carrot – Purple Dragon

Daucus carota

A striking carrot with purple skin and orange interior. Spectacular in salads, this variety grows to 18cm with a long tapered root and spicy/sweet flavour. 

Sow direct between 3-6mm deep; Plant spacing at 5-8cm and 20-30cm between rows; Germination period approx. 3 weeks; Soil temperatures between 8˚C and 30˚C; Harvest time approx. 12-18 weeks.

Carrot seed is very small and easier to sow when mixed with sand. Seeds need constant moisture to germinate. In hotter areas, water newly sowed seeds and cover with boards to maintain moisture and cooler soil temperatures. Check weekly for new shoots. Beware, after germination early seedlings look like grass. Carrots need deep, well-watered soil, high in organic matter. Heavy clay or stony soil can create forked and twisted carrots. 

Seed quantity - 250