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Celery - Giant Utah


Celery – Giant Utah  

Sow direct between 3-6mm deep; Plant spacing at 15-30cm; Germination period 14-21 days; Soil temperatures between 13˚C and 24˚C; Harvest time approx. 17-18 weeks.

Celery seeds need light to germinate so cover seeds very lightly with soil. Sow late winter to early spring in full sun or part shade, with soils rich in organic matter.  Celery responds well to blanching. To blanch: plant in trenches 15-20cm deep and 20cm apart and gradually fill with soil as the plants grow. Blanching can also be achieved by wrapping stems in newspaper sleeves. Exposure to temperatures lower than 13˚C for more than 10 days will make celery go to seed. Celery is considered a difficult plant to grow.

Seed quantity - 250