Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Seeds for the Backyard Gardener

Complete Veggie Garden Autumn/Winter (20 Packets)

Complete Veggie Garden Autumn/ Winter

This is all you need to create the Complete Veggie Garden this autumn and winter. A great selection of vegetable and herb seeds to equip the backyard gardener for a new start this season, to create an entire vegetable patch that will see you with a continual harvest through winter and spring. This packet of 20 heirloom vegetable and herb seeds, all individually packaged, will transform your veggie patch!

Grow notes provided

Seeds included in the selection:

1. Beetroot (Detroit Dark Red) x 30

2. Broad Bean (Aquadulce) x 10

3. Broccoli (Green Sprouting) x 50

4. Cabbage (Golden Acre) x 25

5. Carrot (All Seasons) 150

6. Coriander (Cilantro) x 20

7. Chives (Onion) x 100

8. Celery (Giant Utah) x 100

9. Kale (Red Russian) x 50

10. Lettuce (Green Oakleaf) x 100

11. Leek (Giant Carentan) x 30

12. Onion (NZ Cream Gold) x 50

13. Oregano (Wild Italian) x 100

14. Pak Choi (Green) x 30

15. Parsley (Giant of Italy) x 100

16. Parsnip (Hollow Crown) x 200

17. Pea (Greenfeast) x 30

18. Silverbeet (Fordhook) x 30

19. Spinach (Amsterdam Giant) x 50

20. Spring Onion (White Lisbon) x 100