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Cucumber - Beit Alpha


Cucumber – Beit Alpha

Cucumis sativus

A sweet cucumber of 15cm with a thin and palatable skin. It can produce two crops in a season and is perfect for salads and pickling.

Season – spring/ summer; Sow 2cm deep; Plant spacing at 40-60cm; Germination period between 3 to 10 days; Soil temperatures between 16˚C and 35˚C; Harvest time approx. 8-10 weeks.

Cucumber can be started early in small pots and transplanted when the weather is warmer. Best grown in an area of full sun and with regular watering. Cucumbers are a trailing plant that can be grown along the ground or trained up a trellis or framework. Will need ties to begin early training. Growing up a trellis can save space and keep fruits clean.

Seed quantity - 20