Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Seeds for the Backyard Gardener

Pumpkin - Golden Nugget


Pumpkin - Golden Nugget

Cucurbita maxima

Golden Nugget is perfect for small spaces, a  great solution for the courtyard or balcony. It is a small pumpkin that grows to 15cm diameter and perfect for roasting and stuffing. The vine grows as a compact bush of about 1sq metre, and can produce up to 5 pumpkins each.

Sow 3cm deep; Plant spacing at 90-120cm apart; Germination period between 5-10 days; Soil temperatures between 20˚C and 32˚C; Harvest time approx.  75 to 90 days.

Pumpkins prefer warm soil and are frost sensitive. For best results, grow in well drained, fertile soil high in organic matter. The addition of manure to the veg patch before planting is advisable as they are classed as a heavy feeder.  Consistent and plentiful moisture is also required.

Seed quantity - 12