Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Seeds for the Backyard Gardener

Herb Seed Collection


A great mix of herb seeds that make an excellent culinary herb garden. This selection provides all year round herb seed sowing and harvesting. One seed pocket with seed varieties individually packaged within.

    Grow notes provided.

Seeds included in the selection:

1. Basil (Sweet Genovese) x 50

2. Lemon Basil x 50

3. Coriander (Slow Bolt) x 25

4. Chives (Onion Common) x 100

5. Dill (Common) x 30

6. Oregano (Greek) x 100

7. Parsley (Flat Leaf Italian) x 100

8. Mint (Peppermint) x 100

9. Thyme (Common) x 150

10. Sage (Common) x 20