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Herb Seed Collection


The Herb Collection

A great mix of herb seeds that make an excellent culinary herb garden. This selection provides all year-round herb seed sowing and harvesting. One seed pocket with seed varieties individually packaged within.

Grow notes provided

Seeds included in the selection:

1. Basil (Sweet Genovese) x 50

2. Basil (Red Italian) x 50

3. Coriander (Cilantro/ Slow Bolt) x 25

4. Chives (Onion) x 100

5. Dill (Common) x 30

6. Oregano (Wild Italian) x 100

7. Parsley (Flat Leaf Italian) x 100

8. Mint (Garden Mint/Spearmint) x 100

9. Thyme (Common) x 150

10. Sage (Common) x 20