Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Seeds for the Backyard Gardener

Onion - Red Brunswick


Onion – Red Brunswick

Red Brunswick is an odourless, long day onion with a mild and sweet flavour. A flattish type onion of a deep red to purple colour, it is an excellent variety for storage. This is a lovely heirloom that can be eaten early as a spring onion if you can't wait for the bulb to form.

Sow thinly at 5mm deep; Plant spacing at 5 to 10cm apart; Sow rows at 30 cm apart; Germination period between 10 - 14 days; Soil temperatures between 8˚C and 30˚C; Harvest time approx. 25-34 weeks.

Onions can be sowed direct or in seed trays. Transplant between 4 to 6 weeks when some strength has been gained. Onions have shallow roots. The bulb should rest on the surface of the soil, do not cover. Onions are ready to harvest when the leaves brown and fall over. Leave to dry on the ground for a few days before storing in a cool, dark place.

Seed quantity- 100

Not for Tasmania