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Pea - Greenfeast


Pea – Greenfeast  

The Greenfeast Pea is a classic sweet and crisp pea for shelling. It grows to around 90cm high and is an excellent choice for smaller gardens or spaces. Its very prolific, and regular picking will increase the yield.

Season – autumn to early spring; Sow 2cm deep; Plant spacing at 5-8cm apart; Sow rows at 50 cm apart; Germination period between 9 - 13 days; Soil temperatures between 8˚C and 24˚C; Harvest time approx. 9-11 weeks; Pick pods every day to increase yield.

Bush peas will grow in a wide range of soil types, preferring to follow leafy crops in a planting rotation. Lime and fertilize soil before planting. Peas need support when growing and require tying in the early stages before tendrils develop and begin clinging to the support. 

Seed quantity - 50