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Pumpkin - Waltham Butternut


Pumpkin -Waltham Butternut

A smaller type of pumpkin with an oval shape and nutty flavour. A pumpkin with a shorter maturing period which makes it perfect for cooler climates with a shorter growing season.

Sow 3cm deep; Plant spacing at 90-120cm apart; Germination period between 5-10 days; Soil temperatures between 20˚C and 32˚C; Harvest time approx. 15-20 weeks.

Butternut pumpkins have a large trailing plant structure with small to medium pear shaped fruit. They are inclined to take over a veggie patch, so grow in an area where they can spread out. They enjoy warm soil and are frost sensitive. For best results, grow in well drained, fertile soil high in organic matter. Consistent and plentiful moisture is required.

Seed quantity - 20