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Radish - Champion


Radish – Champion / Cherry Belle

Raphanus sativus

The Champion radish is truly the champion! A spicy radish of red skin with an interior of crisp white flesh. A small round radish of 4cm in diameter, and looks spectacular sliced in salads.  

Season - all year round; Sow 1cm deep direct into garden bed; Space 3-5cm apart; Germination period between 4 and 12 days; Soil temperature between 8°C and 30°C; Harvest time approx. 5 to 7 weeks.

Radishes prefer well drained, loose soil that is high in organic matter. They prefer full sun, and will tolerate part shade. For best flavour, radishes need cool conditions and moist soil. Sow with slower germinating crops like carrots and parsnips, as radishes mature quickly and break the soil for weaker germinating seeds.

Seed quantity - 100