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Sage - Salvia officinalis


Sage - Salvia officinalis

Sage is a pretty, perennial shrub with silvery soft leaves and woody stems. Favoured for its culinary uses, this plant can also create an interesting feature in the garden.

Season - Spring/ Summer; Sow 6mm deep and cover with fine sand; Plant spacing at 45cm; Germination period 21 days; Soil temperatures between 15˚C and 21˚C; Harvest lightly in the 1st year.

Sage prefers a dry environment of well -drained, fertile, sandy soil. It is a slow herb to establish and a short-lived perennial, however it is frost hardy and does well in a sunny position. Harvest lightly the first year to help it establish. Sage seed is best sowed fresh as it does not store well.

Seed quantity - 20