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Snow Pea - Oregon Sugar Pod


Snow Peas – Oregon Sugar Pod

Pisum sativum var. saccaratum

A dwarf variety growing to 90cm tall with sweet and crisp pods. A gardeners favourite for its high yield and low maintenance.

Sow direct at 2cm deep; Plant spacing at 8-10cm apart; Germination period between 9 and 13 days; Soil temperatures between 8˚C and 20˚C; Harvest time approx. 12-14 weeks.

Snow peas are a cool season crop. They will grow in a wide range of soil types, preferring to follow leafy crops in a planting rotation. Lime and fertilize soil before planting. Snow peas need support when growing and require tying in the early stages before tendrils develop and begin clinging to the support.  Snow peas will perform poorly in warmer conditions. Pick early pods regularly to promote growth and before pods become tough.

Good companion plants – Carrots, winter lettuce and brassicas (eg. broccoli).

Seed quantity - 40