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Watermelon - Sugar Baby


Watermelon – Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby is an early maturing watermelon of petite size that is full in flavour and easy to grow in cooler climates with a shorter summer.

Sow 2cm deep;Plant spacing at 60-75cm apart; Germination period between 3-10 days; Soil temperatures between 21˚C and 35˚C; Harvest time approx. 10-12 weeks.

Watermelon plants require full sun, and well-draining soil with high organic content. The sugar baby is a fantastic early maturing variety. Early maturity allows cooler parts of Australia to produce watermelons, where larger varieties don’t have time to mature. The vines will spread out 12 feet or longer, with each plant producing two or three melons. Plants need consistent and plentiful moisture.

Seed quantity - 20