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Beans - Golden Wax Top Notch


Beans – Golden Wax Top Notch

A type of butter bean with stringless, light yellow, straight pods. Plants grow to 50cm in height. Eaten as a snap bean or dried as a shell bean. 

Sow 2-5cm deep; Plant spacing at 5-15cm; Germination period between 8- 10 days; Soil temperatures between 16˚C and 30˚C; Harvest time approx. 7 to 10 weeks.

Beans are best sown direct and do not like to be transplanted. An easy crop to grow, bush beans enjoy full sun, even moisture and well-drained soil. Will tolerate part shade although will have reduced yield. For successive cropping, sow more seeds when beans start to flower. Regular harvesting will increase yield.

Seed quantity - 40