Quality Heirloom Seeds

The Three Month Seed Subscription


3 Month Seed Subscription

This 3 Month Seed Subscription will take you on a seed planting journey. This journey starts with fresh heirloom vegetable seeds and progresses to wonderfully tasty, home grown produce. 

At the beginning of each month, 3 heirloom seeds packs will be sent to your home, ready for sowing and tailored to the time of season and your climate. This is the perfect gift for the vegetable gardener, or a treat for yourself.  

Christmas Gift Subscription: 

Unless otherwise requested, Christmas gift subscriptions will be mailed out two weeks before Christmas day.  Christmas gift subscriptions will include a gift tag with the gift givers name/s and message.

Included in the subscription:

* 3 heirloom vegetable seed packs sent to your home every month for 3 months.

* Growing notes and tips

* Tailored seeds to your climate and season

* 100% Australian heirloom seeds

Note all gift subscriptions will include a gift tag with the giver/s name and message.

Backyard Seeds are untreated, open-pollinated, traditional varieties. All our heirloom seeds are non-GMO and non-hybrid, and our paper packaging is 100% recycled.