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Cauliflower - Snowball


Cauliflower - Snowball

The Snowball cauliflower is the absolute backyard favourite. An early maturing cauliflower originating from France, it has forms a tight round head of around 15cm in diameter. It has good leaf coverage to protect the head growth. A lovely flavoured cauliflower with a reliable nature.

Sow 6mm deep in seed trays; Plant out in 4-6 weeks; Plant spacing at 60-100cm; Germination period between 4 and 7 days; Soil temperatures between 10˚C and 30˚C; Harvest time approx. 15 to 22 weeks.

Cauliflower is considered a somewhat difficult vegetable to grow. Sow in seed trays and plant out very carefully as plants will fail if they suffer transplant shock. Cauliflower heads are very heat sensitive and will not develop properly in high temperatures and will suffer in hard frost.

Seed quantity - 60