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Sweet Corn - Golden Bantum


Sweet Corn – Golden Bantum

Zea mays

Not for WA

Golden corn with sweet flavour. Producing 2 or more cobs on each plant. Early cropping with plants growing to 1.5m.

Sow direct or in trays at 5-7mm deep; Plant spacing at 20-30cm and between 60cm between rows; Germination period approx. 4-7 days; Soil temperatures between 16˚C and 35˚C; Harvest time approx. 11-14 weeks.

Sweet corn requires deep, well-drained, fertile soil with plentiful moisture. Beware, corn seeds will not germinate in cool conditions. Balinese sweet corn grows to approximately 2 metres tall with heavy foliage, and produces two medium sized cobs. Plant in blocks to encourage wind germination. The cobs are ready when corn silks turn brown or black. To check if cobs are ripe, peel back the husk a little and test by pressing your fingernail into a kernel, if it produces a milky liquid it is ready. Pick corn just prior to eating for succulent flavour.

Seed quantity - 50