Heirloom Vegetable and Herb Seeds for the Backyard Gardener

Complete Veggie Garden Spring/ Summer (20 Packets)


The Complete Veggie Garden

This is all you need to create the Complete Veggie Garden this Spring and Summer. A superb selection of vegetable and herb seeds to equip the backyard gardener for a new start this season, to create an entire vegetable patch that will see you with a continual harvest through spring, summer and autumn. Starting a roof top garden perhaps? Or, making the change over from your autumn/ winter to spring/summer vegetable patch? This packet is all you need! A total of 20 varieties of vegetables and herbs. 

1.Basil (Sweet Genovese) x 50

2. Beans (Climbing Blue Lake) x 20

3. Beetroot (Detroit Dark Red) x 30

4. Carrot (Nantes) x 150

5. Capsicum (California Wonder) x 25 

6. Chilli (Long Red Cayene) x 15

7. Coriander (Slow Bolt) x 25

8. Corn Sweet (Balinese) x 20

9. Chives (Common) x 100

10. Cucumber (Marketmore) x 10

11. Eggplant (Black Beauty) x 8

12. Leek (Giant Carentan) x 30

13. Lettuce (Salad Bowl Green) x 100

14. Parsley (Giant of Italy) x 100

15. Pumpkin (Waltham Butternut) x 8

16. Tomato (Grosse Lisse) x 20

17. Tomato (Tommy Toe) x 20

18. Tomato (Roma) x 20

19. Watermelon (Sugar Baby) x 10

20. Zucchini (Black Beauty) x 8