Quality Heirloom Seeds

The Gardener's Subscription


The Gardener's Subscription

The Gardener's subscription is a seasonal mail out of uncommon heirloom vegetable seeds. Each season, five seed packs of vegetable seeds will be sent to your home, ready for planting and tailored to the season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Each seasonal package will include five of the rarer heirloom vegetable seed varieties, all individually packaged and with detailed grow notes. The gardeners seed packs have a large amount of seeds compared to the seasonal seed subscription.

This subscription is designed for the vegetable gardener who is ready to go beyond the typical vegetable varieties, and enjoy interesting and tasty harvests. 

Christmas Gift Subscription: 

Unless otherwise requested, Christmas gift subscriptions will be mailed out two weeks before Christmas day.  Christmas gift subscriptions will include a gift tag with the gift givers name/s and message.

Example Selection:

  • Spring- 5 x heirloom vegetable seed varieties
Chilli (Anaheim) x 50
Eggplant (Early Long Purple) x 50
Pumpkin (Golden Nugget) x 20
Tomato (Black Cherry) x 20
Watermelon (Japanese White) x 20

  • Summer- 5x heirloom vegetable seed varieties

Beans (Royal Burgundy) x 30

Beetroot (Golden) x 60
Broccoli (Romanesco) x 100
Cucumber (Richmond Apple) x 20
Zucchini (Cocozelle) x 20

  • Autumn- 5x heirloom vegetable seed varieties
Carrot (Cosmic Purple) x 250
Daikon (Radish) x 100
Kale (Nero Di Toscano) x 100
Rocket (Wasabi) x 200
Wong Bok (Chinese Cabbage) x 100

  • Winter-  5 x heirloom vegetable seed varieties 
Broad Bean (Yarra Green) x 20
Cabbage (Red Express) x 100
Celery (Golden Blanching) x 200
Onion (Red Express) x 100
Radish (French Breakfast) x 100

Note: Seed varieties will be substituted depending on climate and availability.
Not available for WA customers.